(Note: We have an aggressive scholarship program that can offer a significant percentage of tuition based on academic merit or hardship. Please ask when you apply.)

Permanent Deacon Diploma $90 per credit hour
Undergraduate (BDiv, ThB) $140 per credit hour
Graduate (MDiv, MAR) $195 per credit hour
Post-graduate (ThD) $300 per credit hour
Application Fee None
Graduation (per degree) None
Transcripts $20

Some courses may require special fees, depending upon materials and facilities required. Special fees will be announced in advance.

Tuition Payment

Students registering for online courses may pay tuition for those courses during the registration period previous to the Semester or Term for which the course(s) are offered. But students may also request a monthly payment option. Students electing to pay tuition in full for their academic program will receive a 10% reduction in the total tuition due.

Please contact the Chief Finance Officer for full details on tuition payment options and requirements. The information to reach the CFO is located on our Contact page.

Tuition Refund Policy

The school will make every effort to refund tuition to the student concerning withdrawing or dropping a class, for whatever reason.