Christ is Language – Part 3

The reason that a man can know himself is because from the beginning, Christ begins to tell him who he is. The reason that a man can understand the language of another man is because they both are having the same conversation with Christ. The reason that a man may understand the world around him is that the world is being spoken into existence by the same voice that is speaking a man’s soul into existence.

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Christ is Language – Part 2

The difference between man and the animals is not the opposable thumb. Nor is it the extra cranial capacity. What most distinguishes the consciousness of man from the rest of the animals is that Christ is having a higher order conversation with the consciousness of...

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Christ is Language – Part 1

If God is speaking to us through ordinary language and ordinary literary conventions in the Synoptic Gospels, we must understand what we mean by language and literature and about the communication mechanics that necessarily exists between God and man. This too is...

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