ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, who hast committed to thy Church the care and nurture of thy children; Enlighten with thy wisdom those who teach and those who learn, that, rejoicing in the knowledge of thy truth, they may worship thee and serve thee from generation to generation; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Prayer For Religious Education

1928 BCP

St. Timothy’s Theological College and Seminary (STTCS) is an Anglican college and seminary that seeks to help you to answer your call to ministry by providing the education and technology you need to serve. Our program is designed so that the majority of your work can be done at home, either by correspondence, Zoom, Skype or by webinars with your professor in a cyber classroom attended by your peers.

At STTCS, our aim is to place you within a community of scholars that will develop and sharpen your academic and leadership gifts. Our Board of Trustees, administrative staff and faculty are committed to the essentials of Scripture, the historic creeds, the Sacraments, and the historic episcopate. The essence of Anglicanism is the pursuit of the reasonable center of a broad and orthodox catholicism.

STTCS is committed to the vision of excellence, discipline and faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to produce competent and committed leaders that will selflessly serve our communities from cradle to grave, and to articulate the eternal Gospel to the minds and hearts of the modern world.