The bulk of your academic work at STTCS will be done online. Since much of the student body of STTCS are made up of working students, actual class times are arranged ad hoc for the mutual convenience of both professor and student. The Academic Dean designs and manages the learning platforms, shared drives, course sites, etc., and coordinates the registration and tracking for all student courses and program tracks.

Most of the practical, week to week classes are taught via existing, online media sites, conferencing software, and email. Many of our classrooms are conducted via Skype or Zoom sessions, which enable direct video conferencing and screen sharing between professors and students.

On request of the student, courses are offered “asynchronously;” that is, the student and professor work together accomplishing the course material as much as practical, regardless of the Academic calendar, which operates on the three semester system: Fall, Spring and Summer.

The explosion of interactive media potentials on the net has allowed us to turn our schools inside out, flipping the classroom right into the student’s study. It is a highly interactive, productive and effective teaching environment.

In addition to the constant interaction between student and professor, the Academic Dean and the President maintain constant contact with each student to make sure that student goals, expectations and aspirations receive the constant interaction that they require.